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Adding transwiki source, Adding ailias to namespaces and creating "Experiment" and "Lesson" namespaces in Chinese Wikiversity
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See This discussion about namespaces and This discussion about transwiki sources.

Adding these namespaces: Experiment (106), Experiment talk (107), Lesson (108), Lesson talk (109)
Adding some chinese-localized aliases to Namespace 102 to 109.
Adding incubator and enwikipedia as transwiki source.

Since here is some pages have a prefix of "lesson" or "experiment" in namespace 0, so a script should be executed as below.

mwscript namespaceDupes.php zhwikiversity --fix

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For namespaces 106 and 108 include research contents, $wgContentNamespaces should be modified at the same time.

Change 482261 had a related patch set uploaded (by Wangql; owner: Wangql):
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Modifying configuration about Chinese Wikiversity:

@RazeSoldier @Framawiki I am just wonder what is going on with the patch, since the result of the code review is -2.

The code does not meet standard. See my comment in the patch.

@Wang_Qiliang The current process is that there are already patch. Next, patch need to be scheduled to and need a watcher to assist the deployment. More help see

Change 482261 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Modifying configuration about Chinese Wikiversity

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-02-19T12:19:42Z] <zfilipin@deploy1001> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: SWAT: [[gerrit:482261|Modifying configuration about Chinese Wikiversity (T212919)]] (duration: 00m 48s)

zfilipin@mwmaint1002:~$ mwscript namespaceDupes.php zhwikiversity --fix
id=10775 ns=0 dbk=实验:三氧化硫的制备及性质研究 -> Experiment:三氧化硫的制备及性质研究 (no conflict)
id=9340 ns=0 dbk=实验:二氧化钍的制备及性质探究 -> Experiment:二氧化钍的制备及性质探究 (no conflict)
id=9392 ns=0 dbk=实验:八氧化三铀的制备及性质研究 -> Experiment:八氧化三铀的制备及性质研究 (no conflict)
id=10588 ns=0 dbk=实验:硝酸在无机化学反应中的性质探究 -> Experiment:硝酸在无机化学反应中的性质探究 (no conflict)
id=7825 ns=0 dbk=实验:硫的制备 -> Experiment:硫的制备 (no conflict)
id=7180 ns=0 dbk=实验:硫酸三(乙二胺)合镍(II)的制备及性质研究 -> Experiment:硫酸三(乙二胺)合镍(II)的制备及性质研究 (no conflict)
id=7851 ns=0 dbk=实验:硫酸铜(II)乙二胺配合物的制备及性质研究 -> Experiment:硫酸铜(II)乙二胺配合物的制备及性质研究 (no conflict)
id=8913 ns=0 dbk=实验:铁的燃烧 -> Experiment:铁的燃烧 (no conflict)
id=10802 ns=0 dbk=实验:铁粉和硫粉的分离 -> Experiment:铁粉和硫粉的分离 (no conflict)
id=8971 ns=0 dbk=实验:铝热反应 -> Experiment:铝热反应 (no conflict)
id=8917 ns=0 dbk=实验:铵汞齐的制备及性质研究 -> Experiment:铵汞齐的制备及性质研究 (no conflict)
id=3251 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:中国诗学绪论 -> Lesson:中国诗学绪论 (no conflict)
id=1636 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:滿城盡帶黃金甲 -> Lesson:滿城盡帶黃金甲 (no conflict)
id=798 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:美術史 -> Lesson:美術史 (no conflict)
id=1596 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:臺灣美術史 -> Lesson:臺灣美術史 (no conflict)
id=3279 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:诗词写作教程 -> Lesson:诗词写作教程 (no conflict)
id=1747 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:麻將 -> Lesson:麻將 (no conflict)
id=6137 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:龚自珍 -> Lesson:龚自珍 (no conflict)
18 pages to fix, 18 were resolvable.

pagelinks from=4350 ns=0 dbk=WV:嵌入包含 -> Wikiversity:嵌入包含
pagelinks from=4350 ns=0 dbk=WT:Twinkle -> Wikiversity_talk:Twinkle
pagelinks from=10166 ns=0 dbk=实验:DMF的溶剂性质 -> Experiment:DMF的溶剂性质
pagelinks from=11435 ns=0 dbk=实验:卤素的性质探究 -> Experiment:卤素的性质探究
pagelinks from=10832 ns=0 dbk=实验:氯化氢气体的制备 -> Experiment:氯化氢气体的制备
pagelinks from=10832 ns=0 dbk=实验:氯气的制备 -> Experiment:氯气的制备
pagelinks from=10847 ns=0 dbk=实验:水和金属的反应 -> Experiment:水和金属的反应
pagelinks from=10847 ns=0 dbk=实验:水的物态 -> Experiment:水的物态
pagelinks from=11435 ns=0 dbk=实验:物质的升华 -> Experiment:物质的升华
pagelinks from=10832 ns=0 dbk=实验:盐酸和铜的反应 -> Experiment:盐酸和铜的反应
pagelinks from=10169 ns=0 dbk=实验:硝酸在无机化学反应中的性质探究 -> Experiment:硝酸在无机化学反应中的性质探究
pagelinks from=10169 ns=0 dbk=实验:硝酸铅的制备及性质探究 -> Experiment:硝酸铅的制备及性质探究
pagelinks from=10817 ns=0 dbk=实验:硫酸的制备 -> Experiment:硫酸的制备
pagelinks from=10817 ns=0 dbk=实验:硫酸的性质实验 -> Experiment:硫酸的性质实验
pagelinks from=11431 ns=0 dbk=实验:硫酸钡的转换 -> Experiment:硫酸钡的转换
pagelinks from=10817 ns=0 dbk=实验:磺化反应 -> Experiment:磺化反应
pagelinks from=10166 ns=0 dbk=实验:腈纶的制作 -> Experiment:腈纶的制作
pagelinks from=10169 ns=0 dbk=实验:苯的硝化反应 -> Experiment:苯的硝化反应
pagelinks from=10169 ns=0 dbk=实验:蛋白质的颜色反应 -> Experiment:蛋白质的颜色反应
pagelinks from=11347 ns=0 dbk=实验:金属活泼性研究 -> Experiment:金属活泼性研究
pagelinks from=11347 ns=0 dbk=实验:金属的物理性质及化学性质 -> Experiment:金属的物理性质及化学性质
pagelinks from=11431 ns=0 dbk=实验:钡离子的检验 -> Experiment:钡离子的检验
pagelinks from=8914 ns=0 dbk=实验:铁的燃烧 -> Experiment:铁的燃烧
pagelinks from=8914 ns=0 dbk=实验:铁粉和硫粉的分离 -> Experiment:铁粉和硫粉的分离
pagelinks from=10846 ns=0 dbk=实验:铜和盐酸的反应 -> Experiment:铜和盐酸的反应
pagelinks from=8914 ns=0 dbk=实验:铝热反应 -> Experiment:铝热反应
pagelinks from=11347 ns=0 dbk=实验:铵汞齐的制备及性质研究 -> Experiment:铵汞齐的制备及性质研究
pagelinks from=1653 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:XX課程 -> Lesson:XX課程
pagelinks from=2979 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:中国诗学绪论 -> Lesson:中国诗学绪论
pagelinks from=1507 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:滿城盡帶黃金甲 -> Lesson:滿城盡帶黃金甲
pagelinks from=5620 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:滿城盡帶黃金甲 -> Lesson:滿城盡帶黃金甲
pagelinks from=5729 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:滿城盡帶黃金甲 -> Lesson:滿城盡帶黃金甲
pagelinks from=1507 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:版權研究 -> Lesson:版權研究
pagelinks from=2979 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:诗词写作教程 -> Lesson:诗词写作教程
pagelinks from=2979 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:诗词赏析教程 -> Lesson:诗词赏析教程
pagelinks from=1629 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:音乐的构成 -> Lesson:音乐的构成
pagelinks from=395 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:麻將 -> Lesson:麻將
pagelinks from=933 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:麻將 -> Lesson:麻將
pagelinks from=1507 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:麻將 -> Lesson:麻將
pagelinks from=2991 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:龚自珍 -> Lesson:龚自珍
pagelinks from=5620 ns=0 dbk=Lesson:龚自珍 -> Lesson:龚自珍
41 links to fix, 41 were resolvable.

Looks good!
Wang_Qiliang claimed this task.

Thanks for deployment.