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Review and improve project test coverage
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We have a handful of tests that check basic tool functionality, but these could definitely be improved still. We should do some review of the code to check what is and isn't being tested at the moment, and add tests which broaden our coverage.

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@Samwalton9 I want to work on it. Codecov CI is a code coverage tool adopted in many open source projects. Should I go ahead adding it?

That would be great @ParthS007! To help, I've enabled Travis builds for the repo ( It would be great to have Codecov integrated there.

Okay @Samwalton9, I will add it.

Can we have a chat channel where all devs can discuss and work on Issues together? We can keep anyone from Gitter, Slack, Zulip.

Hmm. We have the #wikipedia-library channel on Freenode IRC, which could work? Otherwise, I'm not sure - I don't really have the time to invest in coordinating a chat channel for this tool right now.

@Samwalton9 I have updated the Pull Request. Codecov is showing coverage now. Please review 😃 Thanks

Codecov now active at!

Looks like we're doing pretty good overall, with some room for improvement :)