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Improve error handling in Proton tests
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Most Proton tests involve launching the server and sending requests to it via preq. Given the fairly minimal public error reporting in node-template-based applications (and even most of that being discarded by the tests), basically all you end up with is a boolean flag of whether the test passed or failed. That's not very helpful, especially for test errors which are locally not reproducible. Either the logs should be preserved as a test artifact, or the server should output more diagnostic details in test mode and the tests should print it on failure.

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Jhernandez triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 27 2019, 4:35 PM
Jhernandez added a subscriber: Jhernandez.

Maybe it is just a case of enabling console logging for the proton instrumentation/logging when running the servers for test.

@Tgr feel free to up the priority if you think this is important.

Yeah, possibly all that this takes is changing [[|logStream()]] to logStream(true). Not sure whether that would render CI logs unreadable, though. Also I'm not sure where the console ends up, since the server is run via service-runner (so probably a sub-process of some kind?).

As for priority, not sure. I found debugging not locally reproducible issues kind of painful, but it turned out to be sort of PEBKAC in the end (T217113: MediaWiki-Vagrant should use the same Node.js version as Wikimedia production), so maybe these kinds of problems do not occur normally.