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Search has 'false positives' and 'misses'
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Author: mediazilla

A search for "600 mps" has been reporting [[Jungle Carbine]] as a 'false positive' match for weeks
now (since 27 June). A search for 'eden cumbria north west' has been failing to report [[Eden,
Cumbria]] as a match for 7 weeks (also since June) i.e. it is a 'miss'. There are many other similar

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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This happens because the search update occasionally runs into trouble and a
block of updates are skipped. It'll continue to be incorrect until the
searchindex row for that page is rebuilt. I suggest you make a trivial edit to
the article.

mediazilla wrote:

Thanks for the reply. There are lots of such articles and I don't always know which ones they are. Is an edit the only thing
that will fix the problem with search?

One can probably run ./maintenance/updateSearchIndex.php script.
On wikipedia editing is the only solution.