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RevisionDelete: No recreate-warning after a page has been suppress-deleted
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If an oversight user deletes an article while another user is editing it, the other user gets no warning on saving the page.
Before an article is saved, EditPage::wasDeletedSinceLastEdit() is checked (if it returns true, a warning is given). wasDeletedSinceLastEdit() calls Title::isDeleted() (since r47750 it's isDeletedQuick()) which seems to fail to return true if the page was deleted with suppress (both methods have this problem).
Since there are probably other parts of MediaWiki as well, who call isDeleted and isDeletedQuick, those functions should be made compatible with RevisionDelete.

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Not efficient to do yet (until deleted_pages is made). Also some oversight users want to be able to hide page names; this would give them away.