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Simplify the URL parameters cgi-bin/export takes
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Author: avarab

It would make the SlippyMap Extension code a lot simpler if the cgi-bin/export script could take that were something like the Google Maps static map API:


Instead of the current bbox/scale stuff that needs a lot of complex PHP to calculate.

Mapnik probably has functions to make it easy to calculate bbox/scale based on lat/lon/zoom/width/height.

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avarab wrote:

This should be easy to do with a mapnik contrib library:

21:32:59 <@springmeyer> if you just want to support mercator/osm projection then thats pretty easy
21:33:59 <@springmeyer> just do:
21:34:07 <@springmeyer> >>> import mapnik
21:34:18 <@springmeyer> >>> import metaclass_injectors
21:34:25 <@springmeyer> (which are here:
21:34:48 <@springmeyer> and then you'll auto-magically have some functions off the mapnik.Map object to play with
21:36:29 < avar> ah, like set_center_and_zoom
21:36:36 <@springmeyer> yep yep

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