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esytimeline image disappears in mobile view
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  • open [[:enQueen (band)]] (i.e., article "Queen (band)" in english wikipedia) in Desktop
  • notice a "timeline" image under "Personnel" section
  • click "mobile view" at bottom of page
  • notice the timeline image is no more

(the issue was actually discovered on hewiki, with some obscure template, but i thought it might be easier for the devs to look at the issue on enwiki)

some hints:

  • using dev tools, i noticed the image is there, but with "width=0" "height=0"
  • i also noticed it was "lazy loaded"
  • looking at mediawiki-extensions-MobileFrontend/src/mobile.startup/lazyImages/lazyImageLoader.js (github), it seems that lazy image loader expects a placeholder, in the absent of which, it assigns width and height of 0


  • fix easytimeline (ha ha) to provide placeholder with data-width=100%
  • instead of "0" as default when no placeholder is found, use 100%
  • do not lazy-load easytimeline images (this may be sub-optimal, as a lot of real world uses of this extension hard-code the image width in pixels, which may not be the best thing on mobile)


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Kipod created this task.Mar 25 2019, 11:51 PM
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Kipod added a comment.Mar 26 2019, 2:21 PM

this seems to be duplicate of T216318

i either do not have permissions, or simply do not know how to close as "dupe".

there may be one or two details here which can be useful for whoever deals with the story.

@Daimona does this seem like a duplicate of the task you created: T216318?

@alexhollender It definitely is, and thanks Aklapper for merging.