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Add organizers at the Event level (in addition to the Program level)
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An user asks if there could be the ability to add organizers at the event level. This would be in addition to adding Program-level events. (I.e., for Program A, all Program-level organizers would be organizers at the Event level, as now, but in addition users could add organizers for specific events only.).

The user also suggests that these different levels of organizers might have different rights in the system. E.g., that an Event-level organizer might not have the ability to create new events in the Program (which makes sense, since her purview is just that one event).

I've pastee the user's comments on wiki below in full.

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Here is the full text of the user who suggested this idea:

I tried to additional organisers to my upcoming event as I will have some local Wikipedians assisting me and could not find a way to do this. They will be adding the participants into the Event Metrics so I have to have them as organisers (right?). The only way I could find was to add them as organisers was at program level which would then give the rights over all events within the program not just the one they are supporting. Now while I have no reason to think these folk would misuse this ability, it will soon lead to many organisers existing at the program level (which I intended for all for our chapter’s events and I feel that perhaps only chapter members should have the right to create new events within our chapter’s program). I think we may need to have organisers at both the program and the event level (perhaps they could have different role names to distinguish them, say organisers and helpers) where organisers have the right to create an event within a program and then they can add helpers who have rights only over the event. Although not the situation with my upcoming event, some of our chapter events occur with regular partner organisations (mostly libraries) and they will want metrics over their events and hence their own program. With the old dashboard I can add a program into more than one campaign, so I will need to be able to associate an event with more than one program, where we have a regular partner (not so important with the more one-off events) but they will still want visibility on the metrics to their event (these will be public like with dashboard, right?). Neither of these are immediate show-stoppers but I can see that they will become issues for me sooner or later. Kerry Raymond (talk) 21:38, 31 March 2019 (UTC)