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Add revision count next to "my talk" for unread messages
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Related to bug 12701, the "my talk" link at the top of the page should indicate how many unread messages there are and bold the link if there are unread messages.

This is standard UI for unread messages in every e-mail client or forum software I've used.

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Reverted this in r54733; a revision count is not cleanly related to "number of new messages". Recommend waiting until we actually have a sensible message infrastructure such as nicely integrated LiquidThreads.

LiquidThreads has seemingly implemented this in r57515 (bug 20663).

Brion: do we want to do this for core at all?

I'd say this needs to be left to a human-oriented messaging system, so right now that's LiquidThreads and in the future it'll be LiquidThreads' successor (whether that's a cleanup of LQT itself or something new eventually merging into core or something new that stays separate but becomes a shipped-by-default extension).

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Brion: do we want to do this for core at all?

I think this is "fixed" by the Echo extension, although some parts also affect core.
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