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Decommission former cloud IPs and vlans
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Now that the main region is gone, and the old public range cleaned up in T193496.

this task is about the private ranges. Can those vlans and ranges be cleaned up from routing, switches, dns, netbox?

Name	Prefixes
cloud-instances1-eqiad	—

Are there other items that can be removed?

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ayounsi triaged this task as Medium priority.May 3 2019, 1:04 AM
ayounsi created this task.

on a related note the following may also be considered for removal in favour of, but I don't know their full status. @Andrew?
labs-instances1-a-codfw -
labs-instances1-b-codfw -
labs-instances1-c-codfw -
labs-instances1-d-codfw -

This was resolved in T240670: WMCS: cleanup network allocations, kind of duplicated task, this one being is older.