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Latin-Cyrillic script converter on Azerbaijani Wikipedia
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What is this task about? It doesn't look like a site request.

Aklapper removed a project: Wikimedia-Site-requests.
Aklapper added a subscriber: Superyetkin.

Removing Wikimedia-Site-requests because, as far as I know, there is no existing code which could be enabled via a configuration change. See

Also resetting assignee as it is not clear if @Superyetkin has explicitly agreed to work on this (feel free to correct me). See

@Aykhan_Zayedzadeh: You can find more information about the LanguageConverter at

For information on the Azerbaijani alphabet, see and

You could probably also play with this idea by writing a user script as a proof of concept; see for some information.

It seems like the community of the Azerbaijani Wikipedia is not keen on having a language converter, sorry for taking your time...