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Beta endpoint for Wikidata SPARQL
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I was searching for a beta endpoint similar to which i can make to make SPARQL queries on beta cluster of Wikidata (

I found at multiple places but it doesn't work for me.

It would be great if anyone can point me to the beta endpoint for Wikidata's SPARQL.

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There's currently no endpoint with data from Beta Wikidata. What would be the use case for such endpoint?

In the Wikimedia Commons Android app, we query Wikidata to show a list of nearby places needing pictures. When an image is uploaded through one of these places, the P18 property is edited automatically for the corresponding Wikidata item.

We also have a beta variant of the app that points to the beta clusters. We use this to test the app during development so that the production Commons isn't polluted. But for Wikidata edits, we still use the production app and then go back to undo the edit(new contributors sometimes don't care to undo their bad edits). It would really help us if we could do the testing on beta instead.

This is the base endpoint:

Here's an example of our query's endpoint for the production cluster.

It would be great if someone could help here. :)

Smalyshev triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 24 2019, 11:31 PM

@maskaravivek Does it matter for you if it's connected to or If yes, which one of those would work better for your purposes?

@Smalyshev No it doesn't really matter with which endpoint it is connected. We just need an http query endpoint for test wiki data.

It would be great if this task could be prioritized as it will remove our dependency on the production cluster for testing uploads. :)

Gehel subscribed.

I'm not sure if the sandbox would be sufficient for those kind of tests. There are no plans to create a beta endpoint of WDQS, and it seems that the cost of maintaining such a service would outweight the benefits. Feel free to re-open if you think otherwise.