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Different move messages for $wgFixDoubleRedirects enables/disabled
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The default text for the message 'movepagetext' says "You can update redirects that point to the original title automatically." This is not true on a default MediaWiki installation, as it requires $wgFixDoubleRedirects to be enabled. On the other hand, writing "You might or might not be able to automatically update redirects, depending on site configuration" is not very helpful. There should be different messages depending on whether automatic redirect fixing is enabled - the best would be if 'movepagetext' would include another message as a parameter, and which message to include would depend on $wgFixDoubleRedirects.

'movepage-moved' should probably also be split in a similar way; while it doesn't include anything about double redirects by default, it seems that larger wikis found it the best place to include such warnings (see [[Movepage-moved]] and [[m:Movepage-moved]]).

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement



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