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Installation dialogue should be available in languages other than English.
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The installation process should be i18n-ed.

This is likely pretty easy.

While it was not a good idea to add installation texts to the wiki message file, where they would
only create overhead without being used, it should be possible to extract messages and put them
either one file defining an array in the manner MediaWikis extensions most usually do, or to make
one file per language like MediaWiki proper does. These file(s) could be held in the .../config
directory and otherwise bes used as usual.

The installation startup page should permit to choose the language for the installation dialogue,
which later should be preset as suggestion for the wiki language.

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: minor



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Taking 'easy' off since there's some non-obvious decisions to make (can we use our existing localization framework to implement this? Initialization, caching issues?)

New installer already supports multiple languages, etc.

This is done with the new-installer being merged in r66008.