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Doc translation sprint @ Wikimania hackathon 2019
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Help us making the help pages of Wikidata more accessible and multilingual, so everyone can learn how to use and edit Wikidata in their own language!

  • Title: Doc translation sprint
  • Duration: in parallel of the whole hackathon
  • Location: Rotunda, hacking space 2 (Aula Magna)
  • Facilitation: @Lea_Lacroix_WMDE, @johl
  • Description:

Documentation pages are often written in English and lacking translation in other languages. We want to improve this together! You're speaking one or several languages other than English? Join the crew and help improving the basic help pages of Wikidata (other projects welcome as well)

EB6zxEpWkAAn2IL.jpeg (1×2 px, 380 KB)

Work lists

feel free to add things!

List of pages to improve on Wikidata

List of priority languages

  • Make sure that the English page is up-to-date
  • Spanish -es
  • French - fr
  • German - de
  • Arabic - ar
  • Chinese - zh
  • Russian - ru
  • Hindi - hi
  • Portuguese - pt
  • Swahili - sw
  • Bengali - bn
  • Albanian - sq
  • yours!!


Please list the pages that you translated with the language that you did! And don't forget to claim your badge :)

Event Timeline

@Rfarrand Hey :) Here's something we'd like to organize during the hackathon. Do you need more info from us?

This sounds great @Lea_Lacroix_WMDE - thanks for the idea and its very welcome!

We have some challenging logistics this year around a small number of small breakout rooms and our hackathon being split between 3-4 buildings. It is going to be a new interesting set of challenges to overcome...

Our working space will be large and we will have plenty of it, but it will be split into two spaces across which will be in separate buildings.

I would suggest that you try and keep as much of this out of breakout rooms / sessions as possible (our largest one can only fit something like 35 people) and also let me know if you think you need me to reserve working space for you for this that you would like to come set up on Tuesday afternoon / evening or if you can just come and claim the space you need no Wednesday morning.

I am doing my best to get as many whiteboards and flip charts as I can, but currently I am not yet able to guarantee it.

@Rfarrand Thanks for your input. We'll be happy with anything you can give us :) I'd prefer to be included in a big room, rather than in a small working room, because we experienced in Barcelona that being too separate from the crowd doesn't help people to get motivated by documentation :)
Yes, I'll try to come on Thursday evening to check the space and book a table. I don't think we need a big space, as I don't expect more than 10 people working there at the same time.

Perfect! I think we can easily meet those needs. Yes, closer to Wikimania lets figure out a good time to meet on Tuesday evening.

Hello all,
The documentation corner is set up in the "Rotunda" (also known as hacking space 2) in the building Aula Magna.
Feel free to have a look at the list of pages to translate, but also to choose your own topics.
When you finished translating a page, please add it in the "done" section. And don't forget to come to me and get your badge :)

Hey translation people, don't forget to edit the task and add the pages you've been working on in the "Done" section!

siebrand updated the task description. (Show Details)

Hey! Do anyone of you would like to present the work you accomplished on translating documentation during the hackathon showcase? It would be awesome to have it represented there (and show that a hackathon is not only about programming ;) )
The list of slots is here:
The showcase will take place on Sunday from 14:30 to 15:30.

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