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Allow category listing by namespace
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Oct 5 2009, 1:49 PM
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Currently, if a user wants to find all members of a given category with a given namespace, such as a list of all user pages in an article category or a list of all articles in a user page category, one must look at the namespace of every page. There should be an option to filter out specific namespaces by a user's choice (the way categories and images are done is good enough - except that it's limited to those namespaces).

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This will be very useful, and seems straightforward

i want to point to an important use case:
more and more we use the category mechanism for maintenance categories.
in these use case, the ability to filter on namespace is essential. we resort to creating categories such as

"Category:Pages with error X in namespace Y"

this is sub-optimal, and the main reason such categories exist is the inability to filter categories on namespace.

this is also the natural expectation: filtering on namespace is available in most "thisngs" that list pages, such as "recent changes", watchlist,,search, and probably others. it is natural to expect categories to behave similarly.

( as a footnote, i'll note that the information, i.e.list of pages in specific category filtered by namespace is actually available by the search mechanism. using "hascategory:" and filtering on namespace, but it seems awfully kludgy).