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ULS Telugu Transliteration fails for typing Guninthas of character form జ్ఞ
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Steps to Reproduce:

Enable 2010 Wikieditor toolbar in preferences.
Open any page to edit
Select Telugu Transliteration (లిప్యంతరీకరణ)  as input
Type SAstraj~nuDu

Actual Results:
Expected Results:

Ubuntu 18.04
Firefox 68.0.2(64bit)

Additional remarks:
All Guninthas (vowel suffixes i.e A aa i I ii ee u U uu oo R Ru ~l e E ai o O au ) of the complex consonant జ్ఞ also do not shape correctly.

This is not a problem when using inscript method. This is a major irritant, forcing users to resort to external primitive tools to get the word correct.


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Thanks for creating the task.

@tuxnani once submitted a patch for it. It probably fixed some things, but it still didn't fix everything. I left comments on that old patch, but they weren't addressed.

Since it was very old, I rebased it, and the current version can be found at . It still needs fixes. I cannot make them myself because I don't understand the Telugu alphabet well enough. If someone who understands this alphabet well enough, like @tuxnani or anybody else, can work with me on this, I'll be happy to help complete it.