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fundraising dev/database access request for Mariana Suijkerbuijk
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Hi guys,
Sending a request here to get access. Got my Yubikey and working on getting a Yubikey public ID now.

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Hi Mariana,

You can get the public id in one of two ways:

  1. Visit logging in with your 'OIT' ldap credentials like you would for email, and clicking on the yubikey in the text box. It will then trim the code for you and provide the public side.
  2. In a text editor, just repeatedly press the button on the yubikey. You will notice there are 12 characters at the beginning of the output that don't change. That is the public side of the key that you can then send on to us.

Once we have this information we can update the config.


Hi Dallas,

Here's the Yubikey id.

Your Yubikey Public ID is: cccccclbdvli


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I have added the public key to the repo and pushed it out to the associated servers

[frack::puppet::private] c874c8b Adding yubikey public side for msuijkerbuijk

Thanks! Does this mean I can now access the fr server?

This is one step for access. I know that Jeff was checking on some other portions. I'll check with him and find out what (if anything) still remains before I can say for certain.

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Caitlin Cogdill sent an access authorization request to Lisa Gruwell earlier this week, we're waiting to hear back on that.

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