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Wikimedia Space - previously (pre-SUL) created account not recognized
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Tried to log in after a week or two away and it did not recognize my Wikimedia account, prompting me to create a new Wikimedia Space account

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@Gamaliel: What does that mean? You go to and click "Sign up or log in" and what exactly happens then and what is shown at which point? Please follow when creating tasks - thanks!

I apologize for being unclear. Let me try to clarify:

I signed up for a WS account when it was first opened. I have used this account for some time.

Today, when I attempted to use my preexisting account, I was prompted to sign up because my preexisting account was apparently not recognized. I was taken from WS to the OAuth prompt, clicked Allow, then was forced to sign up for an account because my preexisting account was not recognized.

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Thanks for reporting this @Gamaliel.

This issue is arising because the new Wikimedia login on Space works based on the email associated with a user's Wikimedia account. If the email address associated with the user's Wikimedia account is different from that associated with their original Space account, the login will force a new username.

We can resolve these cases, as they come up, in one of two ways:

  1. The user can update their Wikimedia account to reflect the email address used when signing up for a Space account. This will allow login directly to the original account. Space admins can then delete the second account that was created.
  1. For users that don't want to update their Wikimedia account, Space admins can merge the two existing accounts, selecting the email address associated with the Wikimedia account as the primary email address for Space. This will change the destination of notification emails.

I've now PM'd the users affected by this on Space to see how they would like to resolve the issue.

The cause of the problem has been identified and we are resolving this username issue on a case-by-case basis.