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Clarify the MediaWiki:Confirm-watch-top (and -unwatch-top) messages
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At a page such as
there are 2 strings that are nearly identical:

Problem: Because of this redundancy, some wikis have blanked one of the strings locally.
which thus displays as

Proposal: Clarify the distinction between the title and the description to eliminate redundancy. E.g.

Title: "Add to watchlist"
Description: "Click <ok string> to add the page and associated talkpage into your watchlist. Learn more at <help link for watchlists>"

or similar.

Event Timeline and Also in this group. Purge synonymously with clear in translations. Additionally, “purge” sounds pretty technical and strange to “purge” a page. Non-technical participants don’t know what “purge a page” means - it sounds like deleting a page content. In translations, one of the ways this is a simplification "purge this page" to "clear the cache of this page". Maybe show something like "refresh page"?

Help links are sometimes added in local versions - they are useful.

I assume this is about MediaWiki core? Adding project tag so others can find this task when searching for tasks under that project.