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http to https redirects
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IABot is seeing all of these as alive now, since you reported the links as dead. They were automatically reset. I don't see what else to do here?

I enabled the bot a tonight, but had to disable it again after 75 edits. Minimum 22 of these edits contained false positives. I'll see if I bother reporting them. Please let me know when you have identified why the bot is producing all these false positives, and I'll consider if I will enable it again.

I have now reported 44 false positives, out of the ca. 145 links reported as dead or archived, i.e. 30% false positives. Some of them are redirects to new URLs or from http to https.

We also saw redirects from http to https marked as dead. Here, three alive urls reported dead:

I went to the interface to set the domains as alive and curiously I found all three of them set as subscription sites - which is not the case.

Harej added a subscriber: Cyberpower678.
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I'll be bold and consider this one resolved/outdated.