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Have the References list tool insert a References header if not present on the page
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When creating adding a references list to an article, we always add a References header if it doesn't exist yet.
The References list tool should do it for us.

Current workflow:

  1. Create a References header
  2. Insert > References list (to add the References list)

Desired workflow:

  1. Insert > References list (to both create a References header if not existing and add the References list)

This is actually a feature of the wikitext editor standard toolbar on :en and :fr wikipedias:

en.png (476×686 px, 40 KB)

fr.png (121×702 px, 24 KB)

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@Esanders Hi! I'm wondering as a new contributor, what development setup this task might need. Set up Visual Editor as per instructions in & learn how to submit a patch as per Any other resources/getting started instructions to share here?