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See if we can connect Alvin objects and typed species to Wikidata
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Oct 23 2019, 7:14 PM
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see alvininfo 2018 10 24 Uppsala

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List butterflies connected

Typed specimens

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Given that Alvin will soon begin providing structured data to K-samsök (SOCH), and it is already possible to connect K-samsök's URIs, I wonder whether this task might not become superfluous before very long?

Please explain.... I see a very big metadatadebt in both Alvin and K-samsök (SOCH) and Wikidata is the place to handle challenges like how to do LOD for e.g. typed specimens from Linneaus see tweet question how do we model that in Wikidata...

I dont see todays Ksamsök as the solution as its not so much linked data and has a rather weak knowledge graph correct me if I am wrong and I see Alvin as 90% "strings not things" with a very big metadatadebt and small resources

What I see as a possibility is the other way around use in Wikidata connected Alvin persons/places to improve the data in Ksamsök for imported records. As the Wiki world is big and maybe still a growing community they can be used for matching Alvin places, people, .... that is one way to fix this metadatadebt .... I also think Alvin need to start "group" records better not just places/persons/organisations why not

to make its data easier to find and navigate and with the international records of Alvin I feel its a perfect match to be visible in a platform that is international and have > 200 000 visitors per minute see tweet/ stats en sv commons

Tasks/challenges I see coming...

I am in Uppsala today at "Recogito Sprint: space and time in Periegesis" so dont hesitate to call me 0705937579

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Since connections to URIs are already possible, and Alvin will shortly be harvested into K-samsök and thus gain such URIs, will this task not soon become redundant?

No, I don’t agree with your characterisation of K-samsök.

But I do agree that using links to Wikidata as an “exchange” for authorities is an excellent idea and has the potential to raise the quality of data in Alvin. Which is why we already do that in K-samsök.

And also Europeana I guess link ... but then we need a dialogue....

  • my feeling is technology is not the issue 2019 you can for free install Wikibase
  • lesson learned yesterday with highly skilled domain experts in the room was that we need to be better to communicate and understand each others concepts and user stories

The sad thing I feel is that an open ontology like Wikidata is much better adopting to new requirements and new possibilities.... I guess most archives/Ksamsök/Alvin has no clear semantic vision and no one telling them to have.... when I spent time in Uppsala last week T236459: POC: Use Wikidata for adding value to an "old platform" by connecting it to Pleiades with researchers they had problems and wanted solutions and understand that Linked Data maybe can be the way..... I miss this type of discussion with museums and archives it feels its more about copy objects to Wikicommons and Europeana and count the number of objects uploaded.... for me it feels odd that "Strings not Things" är ok 2019

  • see Facebook an user case I think WIkidata / Ksamsök / ALvin / Europeana should support but I guess Wikidata is the place the magic happen ;-)
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"Proper methods of attribution (at the individual and institutional level) are very important for incentivizing digitization, mobilization, and sharing of data deriving from collections (physical and digital). One strategy for elevating the academic value of curatorial actions is to create the necessary infrastructure that captures the breadth of activities undertaken by curatorial staff. Several programs exist for aggregating metrics for research products other than publication"

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This task needs some semantic communication with organizations like Alvin -> stalled

  • prov-primer
    • Yolanda Gil, Simon Miles, Khalid Belhajjame, Daniel Garijo, Graham Klyne, Paolo Missier, Stian Soiland-Reyes, and Stephan Zednik. 2013. PROV Model Primer. W3C Working Group Note. World Wide Web Consortium. April 30, 2013.
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