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LiquidThreads thread action links need tooltips
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The thread action links "History Move Protect Unwatch Summarize" need tooltips (currently they have title="").

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Seems like there's some more that might(?) need tooltips. How about these?

  • Split this thread
  • Merge this thread
  • Merge to this thread
  • Move this thread
  • Drag this thread to move it
  • Change the subject of this thread
  • Get a permanent link to this thread
  • Reply to this thread
  • Summarize this thread
  • See the parent reply
  • Undelete this thread
  • See the history of this thread
  • Protect this thread
  • Change the protection level of this thread
  • Watch this thread
  • Unwatch this thread
  • Edit this thread
  • See the source of this thread
  • Delete this thread

needs moar 'this thread' clearly

As I recall, the actions are all using icons in the LiquidThreads user interface.

If that's the case, yes, all of them should have localizable tooltips. As far as I'm concerned, this is a law of the Web. :-)

Hmmm, no, LiquidThreads is no longer using icons (at least not on

So the tooltips aren't strictly necessary. These links feel comparable with action tabs for a page, which all have tooltips. But... unlike action tabs (which appear once on a page), these links show up a lot on a single page. So the extra HTML weight may not be worth it here to add a tooltip that reads (for example) "Delete this thread" for the "Delete" link. It's already pretty straightforward. Hmmm.

(oops, messed with keywords on the wrong bug.)

Krenair: You assigned this issue to yourself 12 months ago.
Do you still work (or plan to work) on this? Only in case you do not plan to work on this issue anymore, should the assignee be set back to default and the bug status changed from ASSIGNED to NEW/UNCONFIRMED? Thanks.

Andre: Please read the above comments.

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LiquidThreads has been replaced by StructuredDiscussions on all Wikimedia production wikis (except one, which will be done soon). It is no longer under active development or maintenance, so I'm re-classifying all open LQT tasks as "Lowest" priority.

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