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Re-evaluate the grouping-link behaviour
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When creating the first version of integraality, I added the grouping-link feature for feature-parity with the Videogames project: we were already maintaining Listeria-based lists of « games published on platform X » at , so it made sense to link to these lists.

As these pages were named something like [[/Lists/Platform/X]] (eg [[/Lists/Platform/Dreamcast]], it was easier to create the links by creating internal links, concatenating the prefix (as passed through grouping_link) to the English label of the item.

Using the (English) labels has some advantages:

  • It keeps the links readable, which is nice in Watchlists etc. and when making index pages using PrefixIndex

This has the following drawbacks:

  1. When labels are changed, links are changed (just last week the label for “USA” was changed [then reverted] >_>)
  2. Users may want to use non-English labels
  3. Users may want to interface with other 'tools' (in the widest sense), which most likely will work with Qids
  4. There might be two elements with the same label (eg Q1490 vs Q7473516)

So, we probably want to extend/change some behaviour − but how.

  1. [status quo] Only support en-labels
  2. Support any <xx> labels
  3. Only support Qids
  4. Support both en-label and Qids
  5. Support any <xx>-labels and Qids

Second question: these are now internal links. Do we want to support external links? The use case for this is to link to tools (eg Scholia) ; however tools running in Cloud Services can be accessed using internal links, eg [[toolforge:scholia/publisher/Qid]]

(Once this is decided, we will have to come up with a configuration format for it as well).