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RECRUITMENT - Draft & Post community forum post for recruitment
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To complete this task:

  1. Draft message to post in Bengali - COMPLETE
  2. Request help translating - COMPLETE

3. Post message in Bengali wikipedia community forum

Message should include:

  1. Overview of opportunity - COMPLETE
  2. Link to participant screener google form - COMPLETE
  3. Next steps/scheduling details - COMPLETE

Event Timeline

8 NOV:

  • Runa provided Bengali translation of message 8Nov
  • Awaiting privacy statement needed for screener (expected EOD 8 Nov)

14 NOV

Message in Bengali posted to community pump. Currently exists at the bottom as new topics/sections automatically add to bottom of page. May need to think about adding to top of page by directly editing page contents. Not sure if this is possible or not without additional permissions.

@Pginer-WMF Any advice here?