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Add Extension:InterwikiExtracts to outreach
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Please add to Outreach. It has a lot of original content but overlaps with meta for some things (e.g. Wikimedian in Residence info) and it's a pain to recreate and import a million modules and templates from meta, commons, en.wp, etc. I believe that this can resolve this problem by allowing us to import content live. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

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(Removing Outreach-Programs-Projects as this is unrelated to Outreach Programs (see project description). Removing MediaWiki-Core-Snapshots as this task is not about the import or export code in the MediaWiki core codebase.)

@Koavf: By "outreach", do you mean ? If so, would apply. However, is not yet deployed on any Wikimedia website, so the entire extension code needs to get security-reviewed etc, see for steps required.
In general, please follow to avoid misunderstandings (and to make sure to report underlying problems to solve) - thanks :)

Yes, I meant

What is the best way to solve the problem I mentioned above?

Correct: we need both standard modules and templates included without having to remake them or import every revision over and over again, plus we want to include some content in form of actual pages from other wikis like Meta.

@Masumrezarock100: Which existing configuration variables does this affect that makes this task a Wikimedia-Site-requests?

Oh right. Per Wikimedia-Extension-setup tag may be used for extension installation requests.

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As far as I see, that extension is not deployed at any Wikimedia site. For us to be able to do that, the extension needs to be reviewed for security, performance and where applicable, for design. It also needs an active maintainer, who should request such reviews and act on them. See more at

No reply; assuming no.