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toolforge: new k8s: evaluate DNS (coredns) autoscale options
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@Bstorm said this:

I am thinking of checking if kubeadm enabled this: and adding it if not.
I realized the reason we had both pods on the first control plane node is probably because it was the only node when they started, which is fine. However, autoscaling is probably good.

and then:

On the DNS autoscaler, it is not enabled, and it deploys this thingy:
That manages the autoscaler for the user according to cluster size. We’d probably want to go over the doc in the readme here: and
put up a patch. It’s in the kube-system namespace, so the image can be used directly from Google in our yaml file if we go with it.

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On the first, kubeadm did not enable it. Therefore, we'll need to apply the setup. It runs in the kube-system namespace, so we are able to apply the official image directly for the cluster proportional autoscaler.

Bumping this. I'm not sure if we are still interested in this.

I'm still very interested in doing this simply because it would be a first effort at autoscaling basically anything in one of our clusters. It's not something that needs to get done right away, I think, so setting low priority for now.