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Import Buster packages for Ceph Nautilus
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We'd like to install the latest Ceph release (Nautilus) on Buster, but the Debian packages too old and have reached end of life.

Croit is providing a public mirror for Debian Buster and the Nautilus Ceph release.

Apt: buster/main amd64
GPG key:

The following packages will be used from this mirror

grep-dctrl -e -S '^(ceph|libstoragemgmt|nfs-ganesha)$' Packages  | grep Package | sort
Package: ceph
Package: ceph-base
Package: ceph-common
Package: cephfs-shell
Package: ceph-fuse
Package: ceph-mds
Package: ceph-mgr
Package: ceph-mgr-dashboard
Package: ceph-mgr-diskprediction-cloud
Package: ceph-mgr-diskprediction-local
Package: ceph-mgr-rook
Package: ceph-mgr-ssh
Package: ceph-mon
Package: ceph-osd
Package: ceph-resource-agents
Package: ceph-test
Package: libcephfs2
Package: libcephfs-dev
Package: libcephfs-java
Package: libcephfs-jni
Package: libntirpc1
Package: libntirpc1-dbgsym
Package: librados2
Package: librados-dev
Package: libradospp-dev
Package: libradosstriper1
Package: libradosstriper-dev
Package: librbd1
Package: librbd-dev
Package: librgw2
Package: librgw-dev
Package: libstoragemgmt1
Package: libstoragemgmtd
Package: libstoragemgmt-dev
Package: libstoragemgmt-plugins
Package: libstoragemgmt-tools
Package: nfs-ganesha
Package: nfs-ganesha-dbgsym
Package: python3-ceph-argparse
Package: python3-cephfs
Package: python3-rados
Package: python3-rbd
Package: python3-rgw
Package: python-ceph
Package: python-ceph-argparse
Package: python-cephfs
Package: python-libstoragemgmt
Package: python-rados
Package: python-rbd
Package: python-rgw
Package: radosgw
Package: rados-objclass-dev
Package: rbd-fuse
Package: rbd-mirror
Package: rbd-nbd

Event Timeline

Change 556000 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jhedden; owner: Jhedden):
[operations/puppet@production] aptrepo: add ceph nautilus repo for cloudvps

Change 556000 merged by Jhedden:
[operations/puppet@production] aptrepo: add ceph nautilus repo for cloudvps

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-12-10T18:09:30Z] <jeh> imported ceph nautilus debian packages into buster-wikimedia/thirdparty/ceph-nautilus-buster T239917