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Links from domain considered as dead while they are alive, even after being reported as false positive before.
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All links from the domain (placeholder) keep being seen as dead by the bot, while they are alive (false positive).

The error given is (NO RESPONSE FROM SERVER) while in fact the pages load within a reasonable amount of time.

Example which I reported as false positive today:

Example which I have reported as a false positive before:
However this link was again considered dead by the bot, and using the false positive report function: "These URLs are already reported and will be ignored" is given. I have manually put this link on alive again.
Unfortunately this happens every time with all of the links from this domain that have been reported as a false positive before.

As a note the links I provided are, but with their associated pages (same links like the twice example above) also exist, as does and its associated sub-pages. Update: I saw some of these and they ecounterd the same problems

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Hello, this issue is currently still present. I'm not sure why the bot would see them as dead since they load almost right away but an easy fix would be to white list the domains above

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