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How to differentiate from wikidata items and wikibase's instance newly created items
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Hello, we have installed a wikibase instance and we would like to know how to differentiate from wikidata items and our newly created items.
We would like to know whether the solution proposed here
with prefixes has been implemented.

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thanks Aklapper,
I explain the issue further. Once installed wikibase, we have imported all wikidata properties using
WikibaseImport, and we increasingly import wikidata items where needed.
At the same time, we create our own items and properties (on our local
installation) but as you understand without a way to programmatically
differentiate them, the Q and P items Ids can conflict, so that we
quickly need to find a solution for that: also in the view to
eventually import some of our items and properties into
wikidata itself, in future.

Hi This does not sound like something is wrong in the code base (a so-called "software bug"), but instead like a support request (questions how to do something, etc.). As Wikimedia Phabricator is for bug reports and enhancement requests, please ask Wikidata questions in a support forum: See "Contact" on . Thanks for your understanding!

Hello Aklapper, it's indeed an "enhancement request", not a "support request".
(Thomas) Please do read what I wrote. I wrote: See "Contact" on .
Do not spam random tasks and people if you would like to stay active in Wikimedia Phabricator. Thanks.