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New Yubikey set-up
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I have a new USB-C Yubikey that I'd like some help with setting up to replace my old one. Things I use it for:
-access to Terminal (SQL queries, data access)
-CiviCRM and the Dash

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I can help you with getting the new yubikey in as your primary key. To do that we need to have the public side of your new key.

To get this there are 2 options:

  1. Visit logging in with your 'OIT' ldap credentials like you would for email, and clicking on the yubikey in the text box. It will then trim the code for you and provide the public side.
  2. In a text editor, just repeatedly press the button on the yubikey. You will notice there are 12 characters at the beginning of the output that don't change. That is the public side of the key that you can then send on to us.

Once we have this information I can update the config.

Thanks Dallas - my 12 character public side of the key is: ccccccluntvd

Thanks, that's what I needed. I'll reach out to you to find a good date/time to cut over to the new key.

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This was deployed on 2020-01-07

[frack::puppet::private] f4fb3f8 New yubikey for mshaver