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When using + append operator, rlike checks each individual string instead of the combined one
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See e.g. [[q:it:Speciale:AbuseFilter/examine/310666]] (feel free to temporarily add yourself to local sysop group, if you want) i.e. :
(new_wikitext rlike ("===? *Senza fonte *===?[^=]+" + added_lines))
gives false while it's expected to give true (and it seems to do so if added_lines is one line only, e.g. here: : if this is the correct behaviour change bug summary), but if you remove parenthesis it always gives true, even if you check
(new_wikitext rlike "nonexistentstring" + "===? *Senza fonte *===?[^=]+")
(new_wikitext rlike "===? *Senza fonte *===?[^=]+" + "nonexistentstring")

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This works as expected right now: added_lines irlike "foobar" is equal to added_lines irlike ( "foo" + "bar" ). However, added_lines irlike "foo" + "bar" is not the way to write this since, if I'm right, operations are associative on the left. Finally, if the problem was strictly related to added_lines itself, T52107 would be the right place.