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Trying to play QuizGame on a Miraheze Wiki, you can't get past the "Loading" display
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I'm working on the Miraheze wiki, Questio ( ), but Extension: QuizGame doesn't work properly.

I can create quizzes correctly, but I can't play QuizGame. I can't get past the "Loading" display.

We had several users test, but none could play. This is probably an extension bug. Would you please fix this bug?

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@Schwarz19972007: What is a direct link to a page on that wiki which shows that "Loading" display?

Sorry, here is the link. Accessing each quiz directly has the same result. "Loading" is displayed as "読み込み中" in Japanese.

When I accessed Questio from the link just above, the quiz was displayed correctly and I could play.

But, when I accessed from a link inside Questio, it still displays "読み込み中(Loading)",

Welcome to Wikimedia Phabricator, I’m going to get one of our collegues to look at this for you as soon as possible to confim where the issue is. I’m stalling this for now because we already have a downstream issue at

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Hi, see your web browser's developer tools. If there is a problem or an error with JavaScript it should be printed in the 'console' of the developer tools.

In this case, it shows:

ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined 特別:QuizGameHome:240:4

For more information please see:

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This was fixed by 46a13167e125e7dbaaef6004485612c425fe4e3b a while ago. Miraheze should update their version of QuizGame (and be mindful of T227345: Actor support for social tools while doing so).

Is this really fixed?

I tryed to play QuizGame like before, so I went to Special:QuizGameHome on Questio. But I can't play QuizGame.

Then, when I accessed QuizGameHome from the link on this page, the quiz was temporarily displayed and I could answer, but no points were added.

I hope QuizGame can be played successfully.

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The issue was fixed long ago. We need to uodate at Miraheze.