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GIFT format
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Author: jsalsman

The GIFT format[1] and extensions[2] for assessment content[3] should be supported along with Quiz table format[4]. Ideally we should be able to import from and export to both.[5]






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I plan to work on this in the next days for WMUK. I plan to add an "format=gift" attribute to the quiz tag to allow the GIFT format.

charles.r.matthews wrote:

Because of other priorities on quizzes, WMUK is now not likely to want Kelson to work on this in the near future.

Can we close then this feature request?

jsalsman wrote:

I would prefer it be kept open. GIFT is the most widely used interoperable quiz question format, with tens of thousands of Moodle installations using it for assessment import and export.

charles.r.matthews wrote:

I agree with the thought that GIFT import into the extension might be useful.

To explain the current position from the WMUK angle takes rather more comment, however. Basically we are now working on another format: call it J format, since it is based on JSON. For a system under development, J format is being preferred to expanding GIFT format in an ad hoc way, to add further question types.

Some existing code translates a significant part of GIFT into J format (and other code translates back). That means that if J format could be imported into the Quiz extension, GIFT format also could be imported (given a bit more work). I can't yet give an opinion whether we would want to do that for the current project (working name Wikisoba, some details are at

If the way that project is set up requires use of MediaWiki in the repository aspect, then I would expect to come back to this bug. In any case the use of GIFT internally in the project is as a human-readable form of syntax. We probably will be expanding GIFT to do that.

There was a GSoC 2010 proposal for this task.

Do we want to recycle that into a GSoC 2015 project?

Here is a gift to qti converter (PHP). Even if we are not interested in QTI format, the gift parser may be instructive.

It's very new, but I started a PEG.js grammar for GIFT (parses GIFT and returns questions in the form of JavaScript objects). Could it be useful here? See the repo at