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Neutron: replace NAT customization with address scopes
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We currently customize the Neutron python code to support our current ingress/egress NAT model, inherited from the old nova-network days.
With every openstack upgrade we need to forwardport the patches, which is error prone and is not a proper long term solution.
@JHedden suggested we should use address scopes instead, which seems to be the proper openstack neutron mechanism to handle this situation.

Things to take into account:

  • preserving the same routing_source_ip address
  • preserving a dmz_cidr-similar mechanism

Related docs:

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The neutron router implements the address scope mechanism by looking at the input/output interface of packets. Since the networks we are interested in are external (truly physically external) to neutron, all packets circulate using the same output interface and thus the get applied the general NAT.
This would help us if neutron were implementing the address scope mechanism by evaluating source/destination address of packets, which is not the case.

See for details

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