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Allow !log in #wikimedia-sre
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We're using the channel for coordination and without all the noisy bot traffic. From time to time !log is being used so it'd be nice if stashbot can pick it up:

18:24  <XioNoX> !log ROLLBACK: msw1-eqiad# set interfaces ge-0/0/34 disable
18:24 -stashbot:#wikimedia-sre- XioNoX: Not expecting to hear !log here

Event Timeline

Configured to mirror the config of the #wikimedia-operations channel using YAML anchors and references. Functionally:

    '#wikimedia-operations': &OPERATIONS
      keys: values
      <<: *OPERATIONS

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-02-14T15:14:09Z] <bd808> Restarting bot to pick up config changes for T245242