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Create a file for PAWS on Github
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The main PAWS Github Repo ( lacks a At a minimum, such a README should:

  • Direct users to the appropriate documentation pages on and on Wikitech
  • Provide users with some instructions on how to contribute (fork and set up a pull request).
  • A basic summary of what PAWS is

Ideally it would also suggest a way to set up a local dev environment to help contributors.

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Hi, I'm Hugo and I'm an aspiring GSoC applicant and newcomer here in Phabricator. I would love to start with this task to familiarize myself with the tools and contribution guides of Wikimedia. If you can help me with this process I would appreciate it a lot. Regards!

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(we'll open this task on March 5th - when the contribution period opens)

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hi i am vaibhav. I am just new to this community. I would love to do this task, and get familiar with wikimedia open source.

@Vaibhav_apt Hi and welcome to Wikimedia! Feel free to assign this task to yourself (via Add Action... → Assign / Claim in the dropdown menu) :)

Hello @Vaibhav_apt I commented on your PR, thank you!

@Bstorm Thanks for reviewing my PR. I just committed your suggested your changes, can u please review it again, thank you!

Hey, I am Kanak Raj. I am just new to this community and a whole to open source. I will love to join the community and get familiar with Wikimedia. I will love to complete this task and contribute something. I need help on how to start with this task.

Which technologies I have to be familiar with completing this task?
PAWS MediaWiki link I get the idea about the PAWS project. I came to know that PAWS provides Jupyter Notebooks for easy development. I am a regular user of Jupyter Notebooks as I am discovering Deep Learning. Can you give me an idea about where to start? How to know more about this PAWS project? And other interesting stuff.

This task is literally writing a for the repository

  • README is the go-to file to read when someone sees the repo and have absolutly no idea what the repo is about. It should have at least the information as described in the description of this ticket.
  • md is the Markdown format. See for help with the syntax.

The patch should be submitted by a GitHub Pull Request (PR). There are plenty of guides online if you search for "how to submit a pull request". Eg:

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Looking at it, already exists. Probably nothing to be done and should close instead.

Sorry for the previous removal of the assignee. It was done by mistake. I must ask before claiming the task...

Ok, so can I update the file or can you help me find any other beginners task @zhuyifei1999

Sorry for the previous removal of the assignee. It was done by mistake. I must ask before claiming the task...

Generally no actually.. You don't really need to ask before claiming any task... Unless somebody is already assigned or has said that they are working on the task :)

As for beginner tasks, good first task would be a great place to start.