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Weird behaviors on fawiki
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There are two sets of weird phenomena occurring on fawiki, and I have tried to pin them down to a specific cause but I have failed, so I am reporting them here to ask for help. I am reporting them together because they seem to have started around the same time (a few weeks back) and may be related. Apologies in advance for this task being a bit "raw"; I am happy to work with anyone to make it more specific.

Issue with FlaggedRevs

One of our users, who is in the right group (i.e. patroller), cannot reject any revisions on pages that are protected for review. He gets a permission error message.

I created an account with his exact rights, created a page and protected it for review, and used a third account without autopatrol to edit that page. The first time that I tried to use the patroller account, I got the same error message. Then, it suddenly started working! I cannot replicate the issue with that account anymore.

Aside from the above, my own account also has an issue with FlaggedRevs. When I go to a page that has an unreviewed edit and I click on the link at the top of the page to review that edit, the first time I am not shown the flaggedrev form with the accept and reject buttons. All I am shown is the diff, with the "patrol this rev" link. However, if I go back to the article (click on the "Article" tab) and click on the review link again, this time I am shown the form.

Issue with Protection Form

As a sysop, when I go to the page protection form, about half the time, the form appears disabled to me (greyed out). I have to refresh the form one or two times so that its elements become enabled.

Event Timeline

Most of these issues have been already reported. For the first issue, that's T234743 which is still open. The second issue is also tied to that because when the validation fails, you're assumed to lack the right and that's why it's showing you disabled form (which is what's shown for users without the required permission)

For the third issue, "All I am shown is the diff, with the "patrol this rev" link", I am not sure if that has been reported, you can make it a separate bug report.

For now, I am going to close it as a duplicate of T234743. If I find a reason otherwise, I will reopen and rephrase.