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New extension to automatically sign talk pages, or warn that the user has not signed
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Author: tisane2718

An extension, perhaps hooking on ArticleSave or ArticleSaveComplete, should be able to sign talk pages automatically. It should be configurable so that the site owner can set it to either sign talk pages itself, or merely warn the user that he hasn't signed the talk page. The user should be able to ignore the warning if he wishes and click again to save without signing. The user should also have a checkbox in preferences that says, "Never remind me to sign talk pages."

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Severity: enhancement



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Extensions requests are handled on wiki[0], Bugzilla is for reporting issues with the extensions.


Maybe not, it appears that page has been deprecated.

Sounds like you want to use LiquidThreads.

tisane2718 wrote:

I would, if LiquidThreads didn't create a new page for each comment.

This is a dupe of one of the following:

  • bug 19110 — Auto-sign checkbox
  • bug 7633 — New Concept for Signing Talk Pages
  • bug 5392 — Signature reminder on Talk pages
  • bug 16275 — Editing page for Wikipedia talk pages: Add "save with signature" button to "Save Page" "Show Preview" and "Show Changes" group

I've made such JS extension, it can be installed as JS gadget (but the description is currently only German):