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Send accepted participants a congratulations email with instructions for community bonding+internship phase.
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The results will be officially announced on 4th May.

Event Timeline

Sharing here you the email we have sent to accepted participants of both GSoC/Outreachy in the past. All mentors are CC'd on these emails and for Outreachy we first wait for the organizers to send a message to an accepted candidate and then send a message on the same thread dropping Outreachy organizers. Additional TODO for this year would be to document the revised emails here: and

Subject: Congratulations on getting accepted to GSoC! Welcome to Wikimedia :)

Hello ....,

Greetings! First of all congratulations on getting accepted to the Google Summer of Code program with Wikimedia :)  

We are proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself. We had over XX applications and XX slots, so you impressed a lot of people on your way!

Next, we have prepared a [[ | list of recommended steps ]] for you to consider in the community bonding period. Though the recommended steps for the community bonding period are not mandatory or criteria for pass or fail, once the coding period starts, we would expect from you to:

* Write bi-weekly reports
* Stay up-to-date with your goals as outlined in the timeline
* Communicate regularly with mentors and keep them updated on your progress and challenges
* Submit evaluations on time
* Attend any program-related meetings we host
* Follow any guidelines we share to involve you in our community and process

Wikimedia administrators will be using Zulip to share announcements and opportunities for participating in various Wikimedia activities. We will use the [[ | Accepted projects ]] topic under [[ | #gsoc19-outreachy18 ]] stream for all communications. You and your mentors can also consider using this platform to have simultaneous conversations.

Although we hope this never happens, if for some reason you feel like there is a problem between you and your mentor, please contact us directly on Zulip via @**Pavithra Eswaramoorthy|209492** or @**Srishti Sethi**.

We’re so proud of your contributions to our community so far, welcome aboard and wish you a pleasant time working with Wikimedia!

Pavithra & Srishti
srishakatux triaged this task as High priority.

@Pavithraes Just recalled that I agreed to work on this ;-)

As per conversation with @Pavithraes on Zulip.. in addition to sending email to accepted candidates, we plan to reach out to mentors as well about two things (in reply to the same email):

  • Link to the mentors' guide
    • Reminding especially first-time mentors to read the guide and also give them an option to set up a meeting with us for questions/discussion.
  • Encourage mentors to sign-up on Zulip if they are not already using any other platform for project collaboration, etc.
  • Highlight "building a community", "people are more important than code" aspects of these programs, etc.