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Improve user experience
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Hello, this is a macro ticket to link all the task related to the different actions we can do to improve the user-friendliness of the LL website.
Many ideas are given in this message.

I copy the beginning of the message and create sub-task for the different ideas given in the post

The most important change I think to attract people to the project is to make it super user-friendly to browse existing content. That should be done by having a separate page per word per language. When people can browse and listen to the existing content easily, they will be motivated to add content themselves. Compare a site like Forvo which has 9535 NL speakers contributing, whereas LinguaLibre has only 1 NL speaker.

A possible structure would be:

  • /fr/ would be the home page for French words
  • /fr/word/chien would be the page for the French word "chien"
  • /fr/audio/joe-bloggs would be the page listing the links to all the recordings from Joe Bloggs

A more sophisticated URL scheme could be:

  • /fr/word/chien-12345 would be the page for the French word "chien" with unique id 12345
  • /en/fr/word/dog-12345 would be the EN URL for the french word "chien" with unique id 12345

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