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AWB inserts blank lines
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AutoWikiBrowser sometimes unexpectedly inserts blank lines in pages. Whether this happens, and at what locations, depends on the page and on how many characters are added to or removed from it above the added line. Enwiki example: edit [[1984 1000 km of Monza]]; find and replace "complete", which occurs once near the start, to "complete1". (Use either Normal or Advanced settings.) A blank line 262 is inserted. The same happens for any edit which adds precisely one character (even a multi-byte character) to this page near the start. Adding or removing some other numbers of characters consistently inserts one or more blank lines at repeatable locations. For example, removing one character adds one blank line: 328. Most replacements, such as adding two characters to this page, have no unexpected effects. Double-clicking an added line in the diff does not remove it. Clicking Stop shows the "There are manual changes..." confirmation dialog. I use AWB on Wine 5.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.

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@Certes on [[1984 1000 km of Monza]] I couldn't replicate the issue (wine-4.19, opensuse 15.1). What version of .NET have you installed via winetricks?

The Monza page has now changed and no longer shows the problem. I can reproduce it on enwiki [[1984 Monaco Grand Prix]], where it adds a blank line 351 even with default settings and unticking everything (no find and replace, no general fixes etc., no regex). I have .NET 4.5 (dotnet45) installed (and just updated Winetricks from 20190912 to 20200412).

I've also seen this issue when I've tried using AWB with Wine. I'm using Manjaro Linux with wine-5.9 and the latest AWB version.

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I've now installed winetricks riched20, and neither Naypta nor I have seen the problem since. Here's hoping this is now Resolved.

Using AWB on Wine 5.0.3 on Ubuntu 21.10 I also see added blank lines. See this diff. This had "Apply general fixes", "Unicodify whole page" and "Find and replace" enabled, but it also happens with these 3 disabled (and nothing enabled in the tabs "More..." and "Disambig".

Bdijkstra: Have you tried installing riched20 in winetricks? That fixed it for me.

Bdijkstra: Have you tried installing riched20 in winetricks? That fixed it for me.

That seems to have fixed it for me. I have edited a lot of pages with tables since installing riched20, but the issue hasn't occurred again.

I guess it would be good to add this info somewhere on Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/Mono and Wine