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Clean up NFS disk hogs that are abandoned
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Looking back over several years of Toolforge NFS cleanup tasks shows that there are a number of tools that have historically consumed a large amount of disk without responsive maintainers. It is likely that a number of these tools are actually abandoned. Its long past time to take action and free up resources that are being wasted on stale bits.

For each tool that is apparently abandoned, we should make one more attempt to contact the registered maintainers. There are then 3 possible outcomes:

  • No response from maintainers:
    • cleanup obvious garbage in the tool's $HOME (log files, copies of data known to exist elsewhere, ancient data dumps)
    • archive tool's $HOME to some "cold storage" location (scratch?)
    • make a reminder to purge the archive after a reasonable time (6 months?)
    • Follow the Toolforge (Tools to be deleted) process
  • Maintainer responds that tool is abandoned:
  • Maintainer responds that the tool is active:
    • Awesome! Find out if anything can reasonably be done about NFS usage or if it is an inherent part of the tool to hold large amounts of data on disk long term

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