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Metadata : pass properties to Commons' file description, template, categories.
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For all recordings, when recorded on Commons, the "Lingua Libre Record" template uses the parameters that work in most situations. However, each language (and furthermore each dialect) is unique and there are specific needs for certain cases.

There should be at least one additional parameter or a couple for adding the metdata that are specific to a particular batch. Ideally, these "optional" features should be included in the "Record a Voice" page of Record Wizard (may be a collapsible "Advanced features" option).

I for one would like to add the accent/dialect used for a specific batch as I speak in two different dialects in my own language Odia. But this requirement might be different for different people. Some might even need specific categories (more on T201135 ) for a batch and they should be able to add that too.

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There is a de facto, well understood convention which use the term comment for free fields.

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