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Normalise usage of parameter names in parameter descriptions
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Per irc, we should normalise the style. In this case, it seems appending the module prefix is probably better.

Some are hardcoded with the prefix, some use fields etc.

<Reedy> RoanKattouw, in ApiQueryRevisions, we use the literal rvsections in a description... Every other param references is minus prefix... Presume it should be removed?
<RoanKattouw> This is probably inconsistent across the API as well. Let's pick one and stick with it
<Reedy> it's that, or do something with a prefux
<RoanKattouw> Maybe see which style is the most frequently used one. I have no idea
<Reedy> RoanKattouw, I suspect, if we're going to normalise it to using the prefix, we shouldn't hard code in.. Incase we inherit from modules etc etc?
<RoanKattouw> Reedy: Yes, and for multi-mode modules. So that means {$this->getModulePrefix()} or whatever the name is all over
<RoanKattouw> See ApiQueryBacklinks
<Reedy> Mmmm
<RoanKattouw> Or do $p = $this->getModulePrefix(); and use {$p} , probably nicer

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