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Errors in P166 page about wikidata types
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On webpage i have 19 errors displayed (in french) :

Le type de valeur « wikibase-entityid » ne correspond pas au type de propriété « string ».

And other(s) error(s) like : "Le type de valeur « monolingualtext » ne correspond pas au type de propriété « globecoordinate »." : OK without login : OK logged on a french account : KO

P166 data type's : Item
It's a huge property.

Tested on Google Chrome with my global account 'Manu1400' today. It's a very new bug.

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I have a small suggestion - Please purge the page and try refreshing also.

I purged and it seems to have re rendered fine.

This could be related to T255282

It might have been caused by APC cache corruption on one node: T255282: mw1384 is misbehaving and should be fixed by restart php process there. Of course, those errors probably stick around because of ParserCache and purging should fix it. I leave this open for a couple of days but if it doesn't happen again, We can close this.

Manu1400 changed the task status from Duplicate to Resolved.Jun 12 2020, 7:42 PM

Fixed by cache purging