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Does Mediawiki Upload API support pause and resume?
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The Commons Android app is trying to add a limited connection mode option. Link to Issue thread

Does the Mediawiki upload API support Content-Range header? Or is there any other way to upload a part of the file and then resume the upload at a later point of time?

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@maskaravivek: Is this a feature request (allow support and resume) in scope for Phabricator, or a support question (is it possible to do something) not in scope for Phabricator as there are support forums for questions?

It allows stashed upload which can be used to implement a pause and resume

Thanks, @Umherirrender and @Mainframe98. I will use stashed uploads for this feature.

@Aklapper Apologies. Next time I will post a support question on discourse. :)

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No problem. :) I'll set the status to invalid here.