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Accelerated recordings
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@DSwissK reported here (in French), that several recordings suffer a bug; hte voice has been accelerated. Is there any way to track the issue in order to avoid it happens again?

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Pamputt created this task.Jun 29 2020, 5:37 PM
Yug added a subscriber: Yug.EditedJul 16 2020, 5:46 PM

Confirmed by user:Luilui6666 on July 15th.
Contributions > Example (corrupted): Q338365

I asked her to stop recording until we solve this issue.

I still encounter this problem.

It *might* be because of the browser I'm using (Chrome).

Yug added a comment.EditedSep 18 2020, 1:38 PM

Do you have a ratio ? How many of your files are squeezed ? I recommended Luilui6666 to wait we solve this issue before resuming recordings. There is an important workshop on October 17th in Paris, with the leading language university. Would be good if this issue is solved before that.

cc: @Lyokoi @Remy_WMFr @Xenophon @0x010C

Ratio is 100% : When it doesn't work, all files are squeezed.

Yug added a comment.Sep 21 2020, 3:31 PM

@DSwissK, what is your exact configuration, OS and Browser ?

  • Luilui6666: MacOS, Chrome. (unknown versions)
Pamputt changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Bug Report".Oct 6 2020, 7:08 PM