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Android menu causes flipping across pages
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I mentioned this to Charlotte awhile ago and she asked me to video it. It's not a big deal, but it is strange. This was made in mid June on a Samsung Nexus 5 or 6 with the then-latest version of the app.

I used slow-mo video on the second half of the video (in case the screen refresh * recorded fps were causing the effect to go by too quickly for you to diagnose). So the effect on the second two times is very exaggerated.

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@JKatzWMF — I think this has been solved in T254774, since we removed the animation on the main nav items. This is how it behaves in the latest production version:

However, while studying the transitions between screens a bit more, I’m wondering why the “Suggested edits” screen needs to load completely from scratch everytime its accessed. This is not the case for the other screens (e.g. “Explore”).

Is there a reason for it @Dbrant or can we optimize it? E.g. cache the screen to make it feel more responsive?


Thanks @JKatzWMF - that's one of the reasons we removed that animation!